Anna Graham (hi_amity_an_elk) wrote in toledosluts,
Anna Graham

did you know....

that toledo has its very own literary & arts magazine? it's true! who said we didn't have any culture? it's called The Flatlands and its frickin sweet. if you ...

write/draw/photograph/etc: we're looking for submissions! from you! even if you don't still live in nw ohio or hate it here or whatever! due june 15th (ish)! email them to !

read/look at pretty pictures/like to support 'the arts' even though you personally could care less about poetry: issue one is on sale now! it's true! $4, or sliding scale! although i doubt you are too poor to afford $4! you can email us at the same address to order your copy!

if you want to find out more... we have a myspace.

check us out! add us! leave us comments!

i am so never using another exclamation point ever in my life.
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